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Chic Ombre Color Celebrity Lace Wigs

Ombre color has been one of the top trends these years! Ombre, highlights towards the ends, you can see this hair style everywhere now.

Check out the new ombre color style gallery on chinabestwigs, get color inspiration.

Blonde ombre bob cut

Summer is the bob season! Black color in the roots balance the the overall looking for the sake of  natural hair color. Blonde is always a shinning color.

This long straight bob is new developed Ashanti style. This blonde will be your top choice for ombre color try.

真人发 造型款 Tina7-14 (1)

真人发 造型款 Tina7-14 (3)

Bouffant ombre curly hair

Tiana in Empire is the best known role for Serayah McNeill. Her sing and style in the TV show is really hot!

Ombre hair works on any skin tone from very fair to dark, this fluffy curly hair pairs with blonde ombre color is incredibly outstanding.


Highlight long straight hair

If you don’t want to dye the whole hair,highlights is a nice compromise.

Highlights offer a great way to refresh your look and update your hair color without having to dye your whole head.

Sections of this Jennifer Hudson style are dyed to create depth and texture and lighten the overall look.

真人发 造型款 -T色 Tina (1)

真人发 造型款 -T色 Tina (2)

Wavy style ombre color 

Gradient shadings imbue hair with an edgy aesthetic. Unlike the natural aesthetic of Bayalage, ombre highlights transition more dramatically from the dark roots to the lighter tips.

Complex color combinations can require more frequent touch-ups to maintain this seemingly low-maintenance look.

Color-treated shampoos and conditioners can help you get the most mileage out of ombre tresses, as can regular coats of gloss.

真人发 造型款-T色 Tina (2)

真人发 造型款-T色 Tina (3)



Innovated Glueless Lace Front Cap & Full Lace Cap

Chinabestwigs never ceases innovating. Years of experience in wigs industry enables us to satisfy our customers’ needs and force us to do better.

To cater all customers’ cap construction needs, our skilled craftsmen have made a variety of cap bottoms.

We have recently launched 2 new kinds of cap constructions: 4″ glueless lace front cap and  6″  glueless full lace cap that both can ensure deep parting without glue.

Improved new glueless lace front cap

Normally the lace part line of glueless lace front cap is 3.5″. And it is inaccessible to do side part.

Considering the increasing needs of natural look and wigs’ versatility, we lengthen the part line to 4″ and enlarge the parting area to the end of eyes, making deeper side part available.

Check the picture below:

4 英寸网帽-B2B

Improved new glueless full lace cap

People who come to glueless full lace cap pursue its convenience,versatility and natural feature.

This improvement about full lace wigs not only expand the part length but the front lace area.

It brings more deeper visible part line as showed on below :

6 英寸网帽-B2B

Coolest Braided Hairstyle For 2016

Braids are the loveliest easy hairstyle that have so much fun in them. They are far of being new but they gain popularity day by day.Low maintenance of the braids is fascinating. You can wear them in all seasons: be that cold or hot. Summer is the season you shouldn’t miss to catch a braiding look!


Now check the following new & coolest braids we prepared for you in 2016.

Grey and black braids

Grey shade is on trend. When braids, grey and ombre , these trending elements combine together, how can u resist it?

It looks good when left free or if you‘re in a hot season you can hold a high ponytail.

新款化纤发 Tina Tina 6-12   (8)  新款化纤发 Tina 06-12 (4)

Blonde ombre braids

Blonde color has been popular for long and seems will continue to be popular for lasting. This blonde ombre style is still the can’t go wrong choice.

96fa08987e12dde91482f76b931abae9_副本 adc0bbea10e0fa851ba1e3ecd9bf4aa7

Blue and black braids

Braids is especially requited for summer months. Don’t want to be boring and wanna add some color to summer? This blue gonna make you a eye-catcher!


Honey blonde ombre braids

Shades are meant to upgrade your look so switch up your hair color to embrace your box braids.  The combination of blonde and black is incredible, the most important thing is not fear to go for changes.


Since Afro-American women started to play with shades they wear both bold and natural hues. Sometimes, a single bold or edgy shade will also be enough.

Natural black long box braided hairstyles

Rock all black! The choice is yours  whether  to go colored or  natural black because all alternatives make a perfect  look.

Actress arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere "Mad Max: Fury Road" at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on May 7, 2015 in Hollywood, California.


Braided hairstyle for short bob

This short bob braided hair looks cute to all women and from teen age to forties. Alternatively you can wear it in a updo.





Gray Hairstyle Ideas In 2016

Everyone already knows that grey is a modern shade which is being worn by girls of all skin complexions. Women don’t worry about graying hair anymore and they proudly carry grey or silver strands. This shade doesn’t require any special age, young ladies and older women equally rock it.


You know that grey shade is the trend of the year so black women do. This bold shade looks so feminine on Afro-American females’ locks. In order to avoid failures,we made all the  roots in darker, which balance the overall style.

Grey wavy hairstyle

Grey is a kind of bold shade which screams about your sexiness. Ombre is an irreplaceable element of fashion. This ombre grey beachy waves are paired with middle parting which screams out your sexiness .

灰白发明星款 16inch 颜色曲度如图 julie 3-30 (1)

Straight Grey Hair

The preferences about grey shades are really different. Some ladies opt for light grey while others prefer darker versions. The one thing is clear about grey shades they are simply breathtaking. Straight hair is a victorious hairstyle of all girls. This is the best way to show off your elegance. Below you can see an irresistible straight hair on grey shade. What do you think about it?

H3674 lace front wig 16 as pic 2 SS (2)

Bob Haircut on Grey Shade

If there were ever a time to consider switching up your hair look, it’s summer. Sometimes long hair feels like you are wearing a hair scarf. This bob comes with grey color which can bring a slight of coolness in summer. Grey is a bold shade. What do you say when there is a plus of another bold color–blue?

H3674 lace front wig aspic1 Alina 1-25 (1)

The hair color you must have in 2015

2015 has already more than half. As the professional hairstylist, we have found the hair color trend from the celebrity this year.


If you have a warm/honey skin tones like Eva Mendes’, muted auburns and bright coppers will be the good choice.

Our hairstylist also can design the hair style as your request which make you look more spirited.


But if you are the white, the highlight light color will be more suitable than others.


Look at January Jones, dark brown hair root with the ombre and highlight color. We also make a little change on the basis of it.


We added lowlights to the roots and subtle highlights to the ends or just start spacing out your touch-up appointments and embracing regrowth. Your face will be more delicated.


But if your skin similar with Joan Smalls, the black hair with warm brown highlights scattered along the lower half will be a good choice.



With a little natural wave will let you look not so rigid.

What Cause Your Hair Dry

Some customers feedback that the hair they brought from us become dry after wear for a while, there’s nothing worse than hair that is dry and damaged. Finding out what is causing dry hair is the best way to get rid of the problem. Here are some of the most common.

1.Taking Hot Showers 


Extreme temp can be really bad for your hair. It sucks the moisture out and leaves hair parched and lifeless. Instead of blasting your hair with hot water every time you shower, turn things down to lukewarm. This is enough to get your hair clean without stripping it of its natural oils.

2.Too Much Heat Styling


Curling ironor straightener can really do a number on hair. If you blow dry your hair straight every day, it never looked very good. Once you learned to love your curls, your hair started looking a whole lot healthier. Try air drying and you might just love how natural and easy you hair looks without the dry, brittleness that comes with daily heat styling.

3. Chemical Hair Treatments


If you get your hair permed or relaxed on a regular basis, it may be very dry. Those harsh chemicals aren’t good for your strands and can take the moisture right out of each of them. consider going natural for a while and giving your hair a well-deserved break.

4. Spending Time In The Sun


Too much sun exposure can work like a hot shower in that it pulls hydration from your hair. If you are an outdoorsy girl, you don’t have to give it up. Take precautions to protect your hair and you can enjoy your life outside without sacrificing your locks in the process. Wear a hat to keep your hair covered and you’re all set.

What other advice can you share for taking care of dry strands?

How to match clothes with different hair style?

More and more girls catch up with fashion, every women love beauty, the collocations of hairstyle and clothing will be more intense, it is important for someone’s out-looking. According to hairstyle, choose suitable cloth, or according to cloth choose a suitable hairstyle, hairstyle and personal dress must be coordinate, in order to show someone’s personal style.

For example, when wearing the dress, are generally more solemn occasions, the hair pulled, look dignified, elegant low chignon knot at the back of the neck. Look at Beyonce, how wonderful she looks.


Forward sportswear, loose natural hair such as big wavy, gives a lively, casual feeling. Significantly eyebrows on top cross knot hair with a different color, so that the simplicity of the countryside combines perfectly with the modern city.

full lace wig  24inch  nc  pic  Julie 5-14 (2)


A suit, because the suit gives a dignified and neat feeling, so hair should comb dignified, generous, like a waterfall, do not be too fluffy. Long-haired girls no longer do not worry about the length of their hair, they could walk on street with confidently, whip their hair. Silky straight hair is a trends, natural hair sense are more and more pro-gaze, of course, you also can go to a beauty salon to do some natural volume slightly hot, so the hair look more natural.

H2195 lace front wig 16“ as pic1 NS Alina 12-25 (2)H2088a

When wearing a dress, or a V-neck dress or Chiffon dress, tight curly is also a good choice which also could get a good got-up face and neck-line. Hair plate could give people a sense of refreshing.

Full lace wig Chinese virgin hair 22inch nc Alice5-30 as pic1  (3)

In Summer, Bob style gives people a good impression, it could polish up your face, makes you looks younger and good-looking. Matches a lace dress makes you fresh and refined.

明星款006  T2+99j#  ss  Julie 5-9  (1)

Wearing a nice skirt match hairstyle or the whole shape looks very coordinated to show your perfect style.


Go back to your natural brunette as Kim

Recently Kim Kardashian posted a dark hair selfie in her Instagram. But maybe we will think it’s probably a black wig. Because why she go through the drama of going platinum only to dye it back three weeks later?


No one knows why. Maybe she just tricked the paparazzi with a dark wig. Because, people still thought she will keep the blonde for the new upcoming fashion. But nothing has been confirmed yet. Kim also said that she was considering going back to her natural color before she traveled to Armenia. “ I should have dark hair when i go to Armenia.” She said.


Maybe her hair just a wig, we may never know. But one thing can be confirmed: Choosing the suitable black hair as your natural color will be the best choice. Go back natural is the trend.

So from now on, order the specialized black wigs as Kim, to start your new fashion. You can also be in the spotlight.


Rock This Summer With Most Popular Hair Styles!

Want hair as hot as summer day? Well then you ought to have knowledge of latest trending hair styles.

We are excited to give you a few hair inspiration to keep you looking as beautiful as a blossomed flower in this hot summertime. Below are 3 hair styles that recommended, enjoy and find out your type!

Curly Hair:

Curly hair is one of the most welcomed hair styles in summer, no matter short or long, tight or loose, it always makes people young and dynamic.

long-blonde-curly-hairH1964-1  10inch  3#  10mm curl  Julie  10-9 (4)


Full lace wig chinese 12inch 27# jerry curl (12) 副本full lace wig 20” NC kelly curl Alina 12-2  (2)

Ombre Hair:

Feeling blah about your hair color? Make a change by adding ombré! While the ombré trend has been around for a while, it’s back in a big way this summer! Whether you’re a brunette wanting lighter ends, or want to sport the light-to-bleach-blonde ombre, this is a hairstyle for everyone!

H1583 mH1651-B9-Sally


Ponytail hair styles are simple, easy and comfortable, it is a favorite for the Summer because it keeps hair out of your face, looks wonderfully polished, and is perfect for any occasion. Stay cool and be stylish effortlessly.


What is your favorite style for the Summer season?

celebrity bobs for this summer

The Bob style is the perfect length for summer, giving you plenty of length to style. The most important is that it can sparing you from the dreaded sweaty neck and back that plagues those with Rapunzel-length locks.

There is no doubt that the Bob style also is a celebrity hairstyle favorite, just because it’s versatile, and easy to style, whether it’s worn straight, in curls, or in loose.

Check out these 3 celebrity bobs we love.


Taylor Swift: We never thought T.Swift would part with her signature mermaid waves, but after several years, she did it. Taylor’s versatile cut is sophisticated and versatile. Even it’s the classic styling, she also can immaculately rendered.

2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - ArrivalsH1969-6 Glueless Wig 10inch 4# rihanna style (8)


Emma Watson: A smooth center part, large barrel waves, and a touch of height at the crown alludes to slightly retro glamour that still seems contemporary.

And maybe a natural color will make your skin more shiny

"The Bling Ring" Press ConferenceCatch65DC


Katy Perry: Katy’s bob, complete with eyebrow-grazing bangs, is as classic as they come.

MOCA 35th Anniversary Gala Celebration - ArrivalsH1651-B2 1

If you need, our technologist can creat any style as the celebrities. Give you the most chic and practical natual bob styles.

Our technologist can do all above style as the pics:) If you need, we can supply you the chic and impossibly stylish. Also bring you the totally practical style.